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Welcome to Cates Capital! Cates Capital, LLC Are you looking for a property that will provide passive income? We are investors, just like you, who want to help you find your discounted properties. Contact our team now so we may talk you through your next steps. We find that we are better at finding great deals and passing those on to other investors to do the work. It's just what works best for us. When you let us spend the time doing what we're good at (finding awesome deals), you can spend more time fixing them up and making the incredible profits. It's truly a winning situation for both of us. What are you waiting for? Sign up to receive notification about great deals as soon as they become available.

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Hi , we are AACQ Deals , a team of fellow investors just like you who love real estate and the opportunities it provides. We have found that we are best at finding great deals and passing those deals along to other investors who are better equipped to buy and flip or buy and hold. When you let us spend the time doing what we are good at (i.e. finding great deals! ) you can spend more time doing what you are good at! It is truly a win-win scenario for both of us. If you’re a real estate investor or have clients looking for great rental properties or distressed properties to rehab and resell, have us find those properties for you. Please provide your buying criteria and we will begin our search today.. One of the great things about this process is that you do not have to pay us for the service, it is already included in the sales price. .So what are you are waiting for? Sign up today to receive our email alerts about great deals we have available.

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